recycling colour

Recycling ‘Colour’


A non-conventional philosophy of recycling ‘colour’ is explored.

We do not consider here recycling pigment and colourants as chemical entity, back into their original pure state. This is a viable route but economically very challenging and with extensive severe difficulty to get the same colour or optical quality of the fresh pigment.

Our approach is to recycle  'the function colour’.

It requires a separation of waste on colour and take the final colour as it is generated. A colour-kitchen or library is composed with limited edition of colour batches. Each batch can be characterized for it’s colour strength and opacity, and a simulation tool can be developed for colour matching. This approach is very suitable for customized or personalized Looks are valued, Arts, Fashion and design, where added value from aesthetics is high.

This approach for 'recycling colour' is what the Apix technology is about. Beyound colour, through it’s particulate nature that is visible, a micro texture can ge generated that add aesthetic quality to the Look.