Apis-oil painting

Apix-oil painting

Climate-neutral, recycling colour instead of using synthetic colorants that have high CO2 equivalent.


Conventional oil-painting is extended to micro-texture and fast-drying medium through Apix and a proprietary formulation based on linseed-oil.

Thick transparent layers, e.g. 1 cm, can be obtained on a canvas, being ‘dry’ after 24 hours. A thick transparent layer like this, is very suitable for Apix. A few mm transparent medium gives depth of colour and allows for the unique Sfumato micro-texture look. One can limit her/him self only using Apix coloured powder for oil-painting and claiming a highly climate neutral painting that is based on recycling of colour. But combining conventional oil-paint and Apix gives unique results. It requires extra training for the artist beyond the classical oil-painting training to integrate micro-texture in a harmonized way in a oil-painting.