micro texture

Micro texture in nature

Micro texture 


Most synthetic materials have a ‘flat look, while Apix is a tool to design a more natural ‘look’ as is prevailing in nature. A stone with speckled aspect because of conglomeration of smaller minerals. Apix and many natural objects have a micro-texture through sub-millimetre elements with different colours. Textured looks when well designed and combined add a kind of mesmerizing aspect that is perceived by human visual perception as ‘beautiful’.

Textured colours can be characterized with CIElLAB  or RGB color models, as it were a ‘average’ colour. A kind of colour quality control can be set up using these models for the average aspect. A particular ‘average’ colour than then be obtained in different way’s as guided by the colour wheel. The same average colour can be formed with more or less outspoken micro texture. Therefore ‘micro texture’ is a separate and additional colour design parameter. This require a new skill that is combined with conventional colour design or harmonization taste or talent.

Micro texture needs to be designed through right combination of Apix colours and balanced with the surface structure to obtain a unique and valuable material look.

A 30X30 cm sheet of oil-paint with black, green, blue and white Apix powder shows a perfect dispersion and a subtle micro-texture