decorative paints

Apix - acrylics as decorative paint


Apix in water-based acrylic is a climate-ethical paint, an creative alternative for decorative paints based on lime or plaster. Beyond the climate aspect, Apic introduces unique aesthetic attributes beyond what exists in the existing market.


Apix replaces colourants or pigments and applies recycling of colour. The particulate nature of Apix brings surface structure and micro texture as aesthetic elements, that if well balanced bring unique visual qualities not present in the lime or plaster based products series.


Apix replaces the minerals of the current available decorative paints. As a consequence the decorative element is less heavy, recyclable but still effective as acoustics isolation because of the high elastic modulus.

Apix - acrylics brings colouring in the mass : damage is less or not visible and can be easily repaired.


Decorative paints based on Apix allow deep, chromatic colours. Apix particles contain the recycled colourants encapsulated in translucent polymeric particles. These particles have optical characteristics that make deep, chromatic colours possible.


As with conventional decorative pastes, Apix - acrylics can be applied in different layers allowing a stylist to create unique patterns see demo's below.

Decorative paint based on Apix and water-based acrylic medium, structured through water flow before drying