complex plastic waste

'Complex plastic’ waste

"The complexity of certain waste streams is seen as a opportunity" 

Each component of a composed product brings physical attributes and chemical functionalities : our challenge is to employ and combine these into new materials, for new applications with the highest added value. Know-how is available to transfer PE mixture, multilayer packaging into a easy processable design material :


Apix - recycled PE

Complex waste is seen as costly waste. Therefore complex waste is a feedstock with a significant negative cost.

Mechanical recycling  returns waste into the same material for the same application, often perceived as low added value (in reality often a negative added value). This is often economically not justified because of the low-cost, prime products with high consistency

Chemical recycling is relative expensive for the production of basic monomers like styrene, ethylene, etc . Chemical recycling is only justified for the additives, colourants and fire-retardants they contain.  

Polymer technology evolves towards more complex objects that combine the different features. Facing the challenges of complex plastic waste streams supports indirectly the further evolution towards  more efficient use of polymers that solve many societal needs in the most effective and therefor most climate and ecological way : food safety through packaging, transportation effectiveness, health safety, hygiene, etc.

Demonstration of art/design possibilities of 40% Apix colouring system made from complex coloured plastics, in recycled PE.