Apix - recycled PE

Apix - recycled PE


A specific range of recycled PE composition are excellent matrices for Apix.

These compositions can be ATH filled for fire-retardant applications, UV-stabilized for outdoor use and or Bone-ash filled for ceramic tactile imitations ( sanitary elements or solid surfaces). Because PE becomes soft around 100°C, applications that do not require heat resistance are opportunities to be considered.


Apix can be supplied as mono-masterbatches in wax, allowing plastic converters to self-colour, tweek colours or freely make creative series of unique parts.

Manufacturing with Apix-masterbatches is very 'clean' and effective : transitioning from one colour-look to another on a injection-moulding machine requires 1 or 2 transition shots after runnen the barrel empty. Since no free pigments or dye’s are present, melt transitions in 'semi' plug-flow conditions are close to instant, and no purging is needed.


Apix - recycled PE can be supplied as sheet for thermoforming applications ; the maximum strain is depending on the Apix and filler loading.


Apix - recycled PE can be supplied as filament for FDM 3D printing.


Complex assemblies are possible through welding with a hot-melt gun using the same Apix - recycled PE colour. Refining edges can be done with a heat-gun or solder iron.

Apix - recycled PE is suitable for artistic&fashion work like sculpting.

Apix - recycled PE sculpture with 35% mixture of Apix powders