Apix - PVA paste

Apix - PVA paste for sculpture


A mixture of 55% Apix and 45% PVA (poly vinyl-acetate ; all-round wood adhesive) form a paste that can be used for art sculpture. The inherent adhesive characteristics make the paste very suitable for combining materials and textile, and create mixed-media objects.

As with Apix-oil painting, Apix-acrylic painting the challenge is to compose a eye-catching look through designing a micro texture that supports the art expression.


Unique to this medium is the freedom to design material looks with micro texture, have colouring in the mass and be able to compose chromatic colours. Chromatic colours can not be obtained alternatives water-based art media based on gypsum, unless the objects are painted. The Apix particles behave as filler and colourant at the same time.


After drying the material is satin or matt. The material can easily be sanded with water to get a glossy finish. It is also possible to work the object as if it were wood ; has a similar hardness one gets always the same look. It can also be further assembled with fresh paste and other mixed media elements.

More demo-sculptures are shown below.

Mixed media object build onto flax and metal, using different Apix - PVA pastes

Demo sclupture with Apix PVA paste and  textile

Demo scultpure using wrapped paper and Apix - PVA paste