Apix - PE sculpting

Apix - PE sculpting


Apix - (recycled) PE compounds combine workability, creative shaping and mesmerizing micro texture at all colours, making them very suitable for artistic expressions with multiple aesthetic elements.

Bars, sheets, strips of Apix - recycled PE can be heated in a oven or by heat-gun up to 150°C. Above 100°C the Apix - recycled PE becomes malleable, pliable, weldable and stretchable. With heat-protecting gloves manual manipulation is possible. Fine details or surface structures can be added using solder iron.

Apix - PE releases easily from spatulas or palette knives. After cooling the object releases readily from glass, ceramic, metal or wooden supports.


Working with Apix - recycled PE is like forging precious metals, but at less dangerous temperatures. And just as with metals, Apix - recycled PE can always be recycled and reused.

You can  combine different colors, weld the parts together or give the combination a marble look by partial mixing and twingling (see the demo in the right figure). More demonstrations are shown below.