apix for fashion

Apix for Fashion


The fashion economy values individualization, season looks and all aspects of aesthetics. Fashion also implies a fast cycling and short ‘life-time’ , and therefore better circular materials are essential for climate and cost reasons.


Alchimia.BE offers chemistry and material-science consultancy to facilitate recycling and aesthetics innovation. More specific, the Apix colouring system in combination with proprietary elastomer formulations is a unique offer. Apix is the building block in a circular concept, which can be produced from synthetic textile articles. Fashion articles made from Apix can potentially be recycled back into Apix powder, closing the loop.

The proprietary elastomer curing systems proposed and illustrated in the demo’s are isocyanate-free, free from other VOC, have a flexible work-time adjustable to the process and have a flexible curing time that can be as short of 1h at 150C. This system is very suitable for Fashion designers to experiment and make prototypes of leather alternatives.

Apix - elastomer cured on a structured mould

Apix - elastomer coating on flax fabric

Apix - elastomer on polyester (red : cured on a structured mould)