Apix-acrylic painting

Apix-Acrylic painting


Water-based acrylic paint-bases are very suitable to bring micro texture and surface structure into conventional acrylic painting. The acrylic paint-base is the starting emulsion used for the production of well known acrylic paint. Conventional pigments can be replaced by Apix to obtain a acryic paint system that recycles colour.


Apix-acrylic paint dries through evaporation of water which is 50% of the acrylic-base. As a result a grainy surface structure is obtained which gives a grainy satin or matt aspect. The Apix particles stick out of the surface after drying. This is not the case with Apix-oil painting, resin-painting with epoxy, PU or polyester resins, which cure chemically.


Apix-acrylic paintings or coatings can be polished in case a glossy Look is preferred.