• Know-how to produce coloured powder from plastic waste.
  • ‘Design’ powder that brings climate-ethics and aesthetics into a wide range of polymers and resins
  • Apix = Alchimia.BE ‘pixel’ 
  • Add micro texture to the Look of your material
  • Gives optical-depth, colouring in the mass and ‘sfumato’ effects to the looks.
  • Recycling colour 


The production Apix powder requires a melt homogenization (extrusion), non-cryogenic milling and sieving. A kind of Apix powder 'library' allows a creative colour designer to compose eye-catching looks. 

Joint development for finetuning of the chemical interface of Apix particles for particular polymers might be necessary. Tweeking the strength of the Apix particle and the chemical bonding towards the matrix might be needed for functional applications that require high strength.

A wide portfolio of demo’s are available to demonstrate the colour and design attributes : Epoxy resins, composite marble, acrylic coating, decorative paints, etc.

Apix coating as background presenting a stone with natural micro texture aspect