"A circular material with stone-aspect and workable as wood"


‘Alith’ is a proprietary formulation with recycled polyethylene, that is reinforced and aestheticaly upcycled with Apix.

'Alith' has good outdoor stability and does not absorb water. Potential replacement for decorative wood elements. Colour and aesthetics throughout the mass : can be reshaped and reworked without need for painting or coating.

Transparent recycled polyethylene often has a greyish aspect. Apix transfers this dull aspect into an eye-catching textured look with ‘sfumato’ aspect (colour depth).

Coloured recycled polyethylene can be refurbished into a granite or stone look - trained colour stylists can compose unique looks with Apix, through balancing all available aesthetic elements or parameters. Alith is also suitable for outdoor sculpture art, with zero-climate impact.