Scientific advice & joint-development :


Product differentiation & new business development

Ideation, planning and managing innovation with polymer chemistry .


Process innovation and applications

Optimize polymer conversion processes : moulding, casting, coextrusion, thermoforming, roto-moulding, 3D printing,


Polymeric ‘waste’ as low-cost feedstock  

New approach for complex plastics recycling : using all chemical and physical attributes in a creative way to compose new materials with high added value. 

Making recycled plastics look and behave mechanically like quality design materials. Paths to upgrade recycled PE to art/design material  


Apix : climate-neutral colouring system for Design, Fashion and Art.

Proprietary know-how to produce durable, coloured powder from recycled plastics. Recycle ‘colour’ and minimize cost of colourants for polymers, resins, TPE’s, coatings, decorative paint and art-media (painting, sculpture)  

Alith : Circular material with stone-aspect and workable as wood, based on recycled PE and Apix.